In fifty years of piping I have never handled a better sounding or better made instrument. This is my last bagpipe and the best I have ever played. Over the years I have had an opportunity to own or play many fine instruments. This one is as good as it gets in every category that matters and head and shoulders above the competition in ease of tuning and quality of sound. Impressive pipes Murray. I could pick them out of the crowd by sound alone and Isn't that what we are all after ? This is truly an instrument of distinction and one which I'm proud to play. Thank you sir. You are an artist and a gentleman."
—Will Mellon, Oregon

This is my second set of Colin Kyo pipes. The quality of the craftsmanship and tone from the drones is second to none. The tone from Robertson or Henderson pipes is often described as brilliant and full; but, Colin Kyo pipes are best described as elegant. The complexity of the moose anter mounts, the exquisite and unique engraving of the silver, the ring off the tenors and belt of the bass make these pipes visually and tonally magnificent. My vintage sets sit neglected in their cases. This set is not only a piece of art, it is an investment to survive the ages."     
—Dr. Bryan Sutton, Texas

I received my new set of full silver Colin Kyo bagpipes. The craftsmanship is superb. The African Blackwood drones and chanter are beautifully turned: true lines and flawless finish. The engraved silver, in the zoomporphic pattern, is breath-taking, inspired, I am told, from a very early Henderson instrument. The engraving is clean, fluid and strong all at the same time. There is not a weak or hesitant stroke in the whole of the design or execution. The sole of the chanter is, by itself, an extraordinary piece of art: large in diameter and powerfully figured. If the woodwork reveals a true craftsman, the silver work reveals a true atist. In short, visually, the pipes are just stunning." 
—Mark Waymack, Chicago

I can't tell you how happy I am with the Laminate pipe chanter you have sent me. It has a wonderful tone, perfectly balanced scale and is by far the most comfortable pipe chanter to finger that I have ever played (in particular the bottom hand). The gracenoting is extremely crisp with this chanter and this complements solo piping. The laminate material is beautiful with a fine grain and colour, and the Moose Antler sole is very attractive with a lovely creamy patina to it. This will certainly be my number one chanter now for solo competitions. It is a great chanter and it has been great to deal with you as you are a true enthusiast of piping, a real craftsman and a gentleman as well. I would strongly recommend this chanter to any player at any level, particularly any solo competing piper."
—Nicholas Taitz, South Africa

Murray Huggins of Colin Kyo Bagpipes makes the best bagpipe chanter I've ever played and I'm not a compensated endorser.You can take that to the bank."
—Tim Carey, Maryland

Hey Murray, got to try Charlie's composite chanter today. It was everything you said it would be, and it was by far the most comfortable pipe chanter I've ever played! It has a lot of potential and I wouldn't shy away from playing it at the highest level. It has much better projection than the majority of chanters out there, and it sacrifices nothing to keep it that way. It's stable, clear, well-made, comfortable, and it took little effort to get used to it. The pitch, which was a concern for me, was comfortable. I think you're making a great chanter, and I look forward to getting to know the pipes you make as well."
—Erik Leiken, California

My laminated Colin Kyo pipe chanter is performing beautifully. I love the chanter and your drone reeds are fantastic."
—Mark Bassett, Australia

They are beautiful and the craftsmanship is extraordinary."
—Dr. Gary Abercrombie, Texas

Murray: I love this chanter! Every note has a richness and purity I've never heard on any other chanter I've ever used, gracenotes are so clear and crisp, and it has surprisingly good volume! Very comfortable too! Thank you so much!"
—Charlie Graves, New York

Sincere thanks for giving me the most beautifully hand crafted and heart stirring set of pipes I have ever seen, heard, or played in my life. You are a true artist and musician to be able to create such an instrument."
—Barry Johnson, Oregon

It really does seem North America has come into its own in this thing of ours. Colin Kyo bagpipes made by Murray Huggins get my vote. He makes them, he plays them, he stands by them and above all, he is great to talk to. In my experience, when you deal with him, you not only get a bagpipe, but you get a friend who is PASSIONATE about what he is doing and really cares about what YOU have to say. Outstanding!"
—George A. MacDonald, California

It's good to see that quality pipes don't just come from Scotland. I am delighted with the pipe chanter and the drone reeds. Your pipes are stunning!"
—Alec Russell, Scotland

Your chanter lives up to all of my expectations. It is remarkably easy to play and to tune. I have experienced nothing but excellence so far from your products."
—Patrick McLaurin, Texas

I love it! It is definitely my most comfortable chanter to play."
—David Hogg, Canada

The talent and the precision of Murray’s craftsmanship is staggering. I’m delighted I chose a Colin Kyo bagpipe. Far and above the best sounding bagpipe I have ever listened to. This is an instrument I will cherish throughout my lifetime."
—Dr. Bernd Egidy, Oregon

Murray Huggins of Colin Kyo bagpipes would be one of the few highly experienced manufactures of quality Highland bagpipes. He is a true craftsman, not just a machinist, a craftsman who produces quality in sound and workmanship second to none."
—Terry Power, Australia

I recommend the Colin Kyo chanter. It is air efficient and has great projection even with easier reeds. The chanter is extremely comfortable to finger. I am sold on the drone reeds as well. Not only do they tune the drones at the right spot they produce a sound very similar to cane reeds."
—P/M Charlie Martin, CDF California

My pipes are beautifully crafted. I coudn't imagine owning a set of pipes that are made with more love and care. When I show them to friends and family, the usual response is "Wow!" The beauty of the instrument is matched by the sound they make."
—Tom Swanston, England

These are wonderful pipes. They look and sound beautiful. The pipes arrived ready to play. Working with Murray was a fantastic experience."
—Stephan Severson, Washington

It is something of a treat, being able to be present in Murrays' shop, watching as he turns billet of seasoned blackwood into what can only be described as works of art, as well as superb musical instruments. Not a CNC device to be found in this shop, anywhere. Using a metal lathe and specialized tools, Murray creates his instruments using his eyes and his experience. If I were allowed only one word to describe the sound, the quality of the created Colin Kyo Bagpipes, I would opt for: Sweet!!"
—JR Miller, Oregon

The quality in sound and the craftsmanship is absolutely superb. Easy to tune, and I like the fact that the reed sits high in the reed seat."
—Bill McInnes, Wisconsin

Our entire band purchased Colin Kyo instruments. We have never had tuning issues. It seems as though little effort is needed to get a good sound out of the Band. Murray's a great instructor, Piper and Pipe maker."
—Captain Rick Hood, CDF California

The Chanter has a good true sound. The finger holes are perfectly straight and comfortable. A good instrument indeed."
—Jimmy McColl, Oregon

When I played the chanter for the first time I was impressed at how easy it was to tune. I was really enjoying my self. When I proceeded to sound High A, absolute joy! Clean, crisp and brilliant."
—Bill White, Pennsylvania

These are exactly what I wanted! Proud Owner of a CK6."
—Brandon Hatley, Oregon

My Colin Kyo Bagpipes are awesome!"
—Riley Hamilton, Oregon

It is without doubt a quality instrument of which you are justifiably proud."
—Andrew Head, Australia